Bragança Polytechnic University organized a cycle of presentations about the alliance

Luís Pais and Vera Ferro Lebres during one of the sessions.
Luís Pais and Vera Ferro Lebres during one of the sessions.

The cycle of presentations of the STARS EU alliance, which IPB carried out over the past few weeks at its Campuses and Schools, concluded this Wednesday, April 17th, at the School of Hospitality and Wellness in city of Chaves.

Staff, teachers and researchers participated in these sessions, which provided an important opportunity to disseminate the different ongoing activities and to gain insight into how the institutional and external actors can contribute and be associated with the challenges of the alliance.

The purpose of this action was to disseminate the objectives of this long-term strategic cooperation,  between nine European partners, within the scope of the European Universities initiative, one of the most emblematic of the European Union and the Erasmus Programme.

There were six sessions in total, held at all IPB schools in the cities of Bragança, Mirandela and Chaves. The sessions were given by our members of the steering committee, Vice-President Luís Pais, and Pro-President Vera Ferro Lebres.

During the sessions, it was presented not only the project but also the names of IPB people who is already involved on the alliance, work packages and TIGS. The questions raised by the public were mostly focused on how they could participate or get involved.