The Strategic Alliance for Regional Transition (STARS EU)

Is an alliance between nine complementary European universities to establish channels of collaboration in initiatives of different types, seeking to promote the exchange of ideas, people and innovation in both research and teaching innovation in the classic functions of the university is necessary in the face of a future of unprecedented social change.


European Universities

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Future generations

Preparing future generations for increasingly automated, digitalised and fluid labour markets implies reforming both educational models (through international exchange, challenge-based education, micro-credentials and other strategies) and research models, with collaboration as the driving force.


The STARS EU Alliance of truly engaged Universities is building a future-oriented European University that will:

  • Create a new generation of future-oriented students;
  • Deliver innovative, flexible, diverse and challenge-based educational and research systems;
  • Exploit the synergies of inter-regional collaboration; and
  • Impact positively and substantially on sustainable regional and European development.
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Thematic Interest Groups (TIGs)

These priority areas are:

  • Circular economy
  • Digital transition
  • Energy transition
  • Healthy ageing
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Arts and creative industries
  • Living Spaces

Each of these TIGs has a lead and a co-lead institution. The University of La Laguna leads the Energy Transition group and co-leads the Healthy Ageing group.

Steering Committee, from left to right: Heike Tauerschmidt, Marieke Steenbergen, Jose Sigut, Rima Dijkstra, Gunnar Peterson, Ewa Siekierzyńska, Vera Ferro-Lebres, Stefanie Eul, Carl-Fredrik Miles, Rodrigo Trujillo, Ernesto Pereda, Dariusz Bogdał, Dorinela Cupi and Dorina Gjipali.

STARS EU Steering Committee visited Bremen

The meeting addressed sevaral topics regarding legal status and internationalisation.

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Luís Pais and Vera Ferro Lebres during one of the sessions.

Bragança Polytechnic University organized a cycle of presentations about the alliance

The cycle of presentations was carried over the past few weeks at IPB.

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The Portuguese delegation of deans, with Cracow's Vice-Rector for Science and the head of the International Relations Office at the Senate Hall of the host university.

A delegation from Bragança visits Cracow to promote joint projects in the framework of STARS EU

Two days of an intensive programme of meetings to strengthen mutual cooperation.

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  • List of our members
Name Institution Faculty/ Programme
Prof. Paulo Piloto IPB Civil Engineering
ass. Professor Dr. Linn Gustavsson UW Division of Urban Planning and Development
Lisa Bomble  UW Senior Lecturer; Staff member at Division of Urban Planning and Development
Dr Ernestyna Szpakowska – Loranc,  CUT Faculty of Architecture
Norena Martín Dorta ULL Dept. Techniques and Projects in Engineering and Architecture
Dr. Mira Bloemen-Bekx HUAS Dean Institute of Future Environments
Dr. Bart de Zwart HUAS Research Center for Built Environment; School of Business Management
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rauscher HSB Dean of Studies; Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Maria Clarke HSB Architecture and Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Sven Uhrhan HSB Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Felipe Riola Parada HSB Civil Engineering
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