TIG Living Spaces



Information about our TIG including the goals and objectives

Living Spaces focuses on our environment and how we want to live both now and in the future.

It encompasses a wide range of subjects from the intangible to the technical.

The group was initiated from the fields of architecture and civil engineering; however, we are open to all academic fields and disciplines who are interested in addressing the sustainable transformation of our living environment.

Society is changing rapidly and making demands on how we respond to the future challenges. Areas of interest could be:

  • the development of attractive inner cities
  • the role of digitalization in the community
  • climate adapted building and the sustainable use of resources
  • investigation into mobility and the consequences on urban design

For the time being, we focus on organising joint teaching activities, e.g. blended intensive programme (BIP), collaborative online international learning activitiy (COIL), or guest lecturing (virtual and in presence).
In the long run, collaborative projects in teaching and research are envisaged.

List of our members

Name Institution Faculty/ Programme
Prof. Paulo Piloto IPB Civil Engineering
Prof. Isabel Abreu IPB Civil Engineering
ass. Professor Dr. Linn Gustavsson UW Division of Urban Planning and Development
Lisa Bomble  UW Senior Lecturer; Staff member at Division of Urban Planning and Development
Dr Ernestyna Szpakowska – Loranc,  CUT Faculty of Architecture
Norena Martín Dorta ULL Dept. Techniques and Projects in Engineering and Architecture
Dr. Mira Bloemen-Bekx HUAS Dean Institute of Future Environments
Dr. Bart de Zwart HUAS Research Center for Built Environment; School of Business Management
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rauscher HSB Dean of Studies; Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Maria Clarke HSB Architecture and Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Sven Uhrhan HSB Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Felipe Riola Parada HSB Civil Engineering
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  SUO  Not applicable, yet