Circular Economy



List of members

  • Benjamin González-Diaz, ULL
  • Ángela Ferreira, IPB
  • Ingo Haug, HS-Bremen,
  • Evert Agneholm, Protol (University West)
  • Sławomir Grądziel, PK
  • Daisy G. Tempelman, Hanze

Information about our TIG including the goals and objectives

This newly founded TIG met in November 2022 for the first time and is only starting to organise itself. Even though „Living Spaces“ was initiated from the fields of civil engineering and architecture, we intend to be as open as possible regarding academic fields and disciplines, and invite all teachers and researchers, who are involved in addressing issues of how and where people live, how they organise their mobility, leisure time, etc. The following picture gives an overview on who could join.