Steering Committee, from left to right: Heike Tauerschmidt, Marieke Steenbergen, Jose Sigut, Rima Dijkstra, Gunnar Peterson, Ewa Siekierzyńska, Vera Ferro-Lebres, Stefanie Eul, Carl-Fredrik Miles, Rodrigo Trujillo, Ernesto Pereda, Dariusz Bogdał, Dorinela Cupi and Dorina Gjipali.

STARS EU Steering Committee visited Bremen

The meeting addressed sevaral topics regarding legal status and internationalisation.

Luís Pais and Vera Ferro Lebres during one of the sessions.

Bragança Polytechnic University organized a cycle of presentations about the alliance

The cycle of presentations was carried over the past few weeks at IPB.

STARS Talks will present every month knowledge proposals at the service of regional development

Specialists from various areas will present innovative projects with potential to support regional development.

Photo: Stella Dekker

Registration for the Staff Week about Healthy Ageing at Hanze is now open

There were meetings at the Law, Engineering, Communication, and Business & Marketing schools.

A delegation of IPB Bragança visits Hanze in the framework of the alliance

There were meetings at the Law, Engineering, Communication, and Business & Marketing schools.

Students and staff took part in this open day which highlighted the opportunities provided by the STARS EU seal.

STARS EU Open Day at Alexandër Moisiu University of Durrës

This event at the beginnig of the second semester highlighted the opportunities provided by STARS EU.

Participants in the first day of this event

Bragança Polytechnic University hosted the successful 2nd Edition of IN2COP with STARS EU partners

The event served as a platform for reflection and the sharing of insights garnered from co-creation ecosystems.

INNlocal kick-off event

Three of our partners set in motion the project INNlocal

It will focus on the search for solutions for new local public policies to meet today's growing challenges.

Group picture of those involved at the Staff Week which took place last week at Bremen.

First STARS EU Blended Intensive Programmes start and Staff Week at HSB

A successful week full of work and meetings at the headquarters of our German partners.

Bragança Polytechnic Institute forms STARS EU logo in its gardens with tulips

The STARS EU logo is now part of the gardens of our Portugues partner.