Business Gate Benefit SUO

Scientific Area: Business and Management

Name of the service: Business Gate Benefit SUO

Main responsible: Ing. Tomáš Pražák, Ph.D. – head of Institute

Category of the service: Business support

Target group: Students, municipalities, public institutions, private companies

Scientific refence: 

We provide guidance on support opportunities from local, regional, or national programs, specifically tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our services are designed to streamline access to essential information and available support forms or programs. Online information support and consultations are available. External funding options for ventures can also be discussed in person by scheduling an appointment. 

Assistance is available to help get started with business plans, marketing strategies, budgeting, or any other needs. The initial consultation is offered free of charge. 

Every year, we extend our support through additional programs such as the «»PodnikniTo!»» course for new entrepreneurs, benefiting over 10 startups or small businesses. 


Offer description:

Individual approach, favourable price.

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