Unisphere (spherical projection and fulldome studio) SUO

Scientific Area: Astronomy, astrophysics and space science, Immersive medium – spherical projection and fulldome production studio

Name of the service: Unisphere (spherical projection and fulldome studio) SUO

Main responsible: RNDr. Tomáš Gráf, Ph.D.

Category of the service: Spherical projection and fulldome studio

Target group: Students (university, secondary schools), public

Scientific refence:

The planetarium’s name was not only intended to declare that it would be a spherical projection with a wide range of uses but also allude to its connection to the university and academic environment. Therefore, the name Unisphere consists of the prefix UNI (e.g., university, universe, uniqueness) and then the first letters of the phrase: Science Popularisation Hub for Education, Research and Entertainment.


Unisphere after three years of operation

Offer description:

See website, capacity and is 50 seats.

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