10) Advanced Functional Materials and Nanoscience (AFM-NANO) - ULL

Scientific Area: Nano-materials: production and properties

Name of the service: 10) Advanced Functional Materials and Nanoscience (AFM-NANO) – ULL

Main responsible: David Diaz Díaz, Full Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry.

Category of the service: Research group

Target group: Industry; Researchers; Health system

Scientific refence:

168 publications and contributions to conferences by members of the research group


Research projects led by group members in recent years:

TED2021-132847B-I00. Tunable micro-mesoporous covalent organic networks for CO2 reduction (MEC 2022-2024)

TED2021-131132B-C21. Photovoltaic integration and characterization of modules based on Cu(I)-X coordination polymers (MEC 2022-2024)

PID2019-105391GB-C21. Development of gel-based formulations for redox catalysis based on triplet-triplet annihilation using visible light (MEC 2020-2023)

ProID2020010089. Emerging pollution in aquifers and coastal waters of the Canary Islands: Evaluation of new sustainable methods for its monitoring (DGU 2020-2023)

RTI2018-095563-B-I00. Increased efficiency in different types of photovoltaic modules through photon conversion and concentration processes (MEC CHALLENGES 2019-2022)

Offer description:

David Díaz Díaz, PhD is a Full Professor at the University of La Laguna (ULL) in Tenerife, Spain. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the ULL in 1998. His research interests include the synthesis of advanced soft functional materials for biomedical, catalysis, sensing, coatings and energy applications. He has published over 260 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has an h-index of 57.

Here are some additional details about his research:

  •     He is particularly interested in the development of materials that can be used for biomedical applications, such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.
  •     He is also interested in the development of materials that can be used for catalysis, sensing, and energy storage.
  •     His research is funded by a number of grants from the Spanish government and the European Union.

Dr. Díaz Díaz is a member of the following scientific societies:

  •     The Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry
  •     The American Chemical Society
  •     The Materials Research Society

Dr. Díaz Díaz is a highly respected researcher who is making significant contributions to the field of advanced materials. His work has the potential to lead to new and improved materials for a wide range of applications.

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