Bragança Polytechnic University hosted the successful 2nd Edition of IN2COP with STARS EU partners

Participants in the first day of this event

The Second Edition of the International Conference on Co-Creation Process (IN2COP) was recently held at Bragança Polytechnic University, marking a significant collaboration with STARS EU partners. Distinguished personalities such as Vanessa Dubois, from the European Commission, and Tia Loukoula, from OECD, took the stage as plenary speakers, sparking insightful discussions on the future of higher education within the framework of European Alliances and the evolving landscape of future skills demanded by the job market.

The event provided a platform for Portuguese Polytechnic Universities, as members of European University Alliances, to exchange insights on governance models and legal frameworks pertinent to European Alliances. Participants from diverse backgrounds, including professors, students, researchers, academic staff, and external stakeholders representing various scientific domains and economic sectors, convened to share best practices and prototype outcomes of co-creation processes.

One of the highlights was the public unveiling of a microcredentials programme at Bragança Polytechnic University, codesigned with regional stakeholders. The event also featured a presentation by the president of Compete 2030, shedding light on funding opportunities available to both companies and higher education institutions.

The conference’s final day was dedicated to showcasing Erasmus+ projects implemented at Bragança Polytechnic University, offering a unique platform for six schools and four research centers to exchange experiences, establish connections, and disseminate their findings.

The STARS EU Steering Committee took advantage of this gathering to reflect on past achievements and outline future endeavors, underscoring the event’s importance as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation in higher education.

More pictures of the event