Co-Creation Ecosystem

Co-Creation Ecosystem

Innovation needs space for fresh ideas, experiments and a high degree of cross-over, networking with other ecosystems that (want to) work on comparable questions concerning studies, teaching and research. The structures are to be made possible, which work bottom up, from outside, experimentally, which want to test them and collect new knowledge without being restricted by existing structures in the universities:

Regional Transition AcceleratorCurriculum LabChallenge LabCo-Creation Campus


The Thematic Interest Groups -TIGs in the STARS EU Priority Areas are established with open opportunities for new areas. STARS EU Researchers community participating in TIGs will be created and supported, facilitating their collaboration.

TIGs will play a key role in knowledge creation and its translation into innovative products and public and private services, a
process that will engage researchers, scientists and technologists, professors, students, local entrepreneurs and civil society
leaders around the topics of:

Arts and Creative IndustriesDigital TransformationEntrepreneurship and InnovationEnergy TransitionHealthy AgeingCircular EconomyLiving Spaces
Case 03

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Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test, verride the digital divideā€¦

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