Scientific Area: Architecture engineering

Name of the service: CUT

Main responsible: Przemysław Markiewicz-Zahorski, Assoc. Prof.D. Sc. Ph.D.

Category of the service: Research group

Target group: Investors in the construction sector and public offices and institutions interested in deep thermo-modernization projects for individual buildings and urban-scale energy efficiency projects.

Scientific refence:

Professor at the Cracow University of Technology, employed in the Department of Architectural and Building Design at the Faculty of Architecture at CUT.

MBA in Corporate Management.

Vice-chairman of the Faculty Commission for doctoral dissertations in architecture-theory of architecture and architectural-building design.

Member of the Section of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow Branch, Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture, Section on General Building Construction.

Lecturer at the doctoral school of CUT.

Subject matter expert at the Małopolska Center for Energy-Efficient Buildings.

An active architect and author of a number of design studies – single and multi-family residential buildings, office and public buildings, projects for the reconstruction and change of use of historical and monumental buildings, urban planning studies.

Author of more than 70 scientific publications.

Author of a series of books on general building construction and architectural and building design.

Author of a number of technical catalogs and informational and educational publications for architects, developed for leading construction concerns, including RIGIPS, ISOVER, URSA, BRAAS, WIENERBERGER, YTONG, among others.

Offer description:

Practicing architect with experience in energy efficiency in the building construction sector. Author of several publications and scientific studies on energy-efficient buildings.

Author of a number of innovative projects – research agendas for investors of various types of construction investments, developed in the framework of competitions for innovative investment funding from the EU.

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