Scientific Area: Civil engineering

Name of the service: CUT

Main responsible: Tadeusz Tatara, prof. dr hab. inż., professor

Category of the service: Research group

Target group: Industry

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Scopus Author ID: 9635712700

ResearcherID: C-2737-2019

SciProfiles: 507879

1. Drygala, I. J., Dulińska, J. M., Nisticò, N., & Tatara, T. (2022). Impact of dynamic soil-structure interaction on performance of a single span footbridge with overhangs subjected to mining-induced shocks. Materials, 15, 1–22.

2. Boron, P., Chelmecki, J., Dulinska, J. M., Jurkowska, N., Ratajewicz, B., Stecz, P., & Tatara, T. (2023). On the possibility of using 3D printed polymer models for modal tests on shaking tables: linking material properties investigations, field experiments, shaking table tests, and FEM modeling. Materials, 16, 1–30.

3. Fedorczak-Cisak, M., Kowalska-Koczwara, A., Nering, K., Pachla, F., Radziszewska-Zielina, E., Stecz, P., Tatara, T., & Jeleński, T. (2022). Measurement and diagnosis of comfort in a historic building. Energies, 15, 1–28.

4. Pachla, F., & Tatara, T. (2022). Nonlinear analysis of a hoist tower for seismic loads. Archives of Civil Engineering, 68, 177–198.

5. Kuzniar, K., & Tatara, T. (2022). Full-scale long-term monitoring of mine-induced vibrations for soil-structure interaction research using dimensionless response spectra. Case Studies in Construction Materials, 16, 1–24.

Offer description:

In the rapidly evolving landscape of transport infrastructure, there is a pressing need for both conceptual and design work aimed at mitigating the effects of transport-induced vibrations on structures and their occupants. Every investment currently under design, including railways, subways, and expressways, necessitates the execution of precise measurements and the implementation of effective strategies to minimize the environmental impact of the vibrations produced.

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