Scientific Area: Nano-materials: production and properties

Name of the service: CUT

Main responsible: Katarzyna Matras-Postołek – Professor, Ph.D. D.Sc Eng., Vice-Dean for Evaluation and International Cooperation       

Category of the service: Research group

Target group: Industry/labs

Scientific refence:

Prof. Katarzyna Matras-Postołek, chemist by education, graduate of Cracow University of Technology (CUT). In 2006-2012, she worked as a scientist at Münster University of Applied Sciences in the Institute for Optical Technologies in Germany. In 2010 she completed Ph.D. at CUT. In 2013, after almost 7 years of work in Germany, she returned to Poland to CUT. In 2019 she obtained her habilitation in chemistry. Currently, Katarzyna Matras-Postołek works as professor at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, CUT. Since 2019 she is Vice-Dean for Evaluation and International Cooperation at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and Member of the Research Excellence Council of CUT. Katarzyna Matras-Postołek’s research interests focus on broadly-defined subjects related to functional nanomaterials including semiconductor nanocrystals and their potential application in optoelectronics and photocatalysis. Katarzyna Matras-Postołek has received a number of scholarships, e.g. for outstanding young scientists in Poland (2016). In 2015, she was awarded the TOP 500 Innovators program in Poland within she took part in a 9-week internship at University of California, Berkeley, USA. Since 2014, she is a visiting professor at University of Jinan, China. Since 2019 she is a scientific member of international AMPERE organization. Author about 70 publications from the Philadelphia list, principal investigator of projects funded by the Foundation for Polish Science (Homing Plus), the National Science Centre (Opus Lap, Sonata Bis, Polonez Bis) and the National Centre for Research and Development (Project Lider) in Poland, as well as EU founds (Erasmus Projects).



Matras materials 

Offer description:

Scientist with extensive experience in conducting research, including applied research, in the field of nanomaterials.

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