Registration open for the Conference on Educational Co-Creation in Bragança

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The Polythechnic Institute of Bragança will host its International Conference on Co-Creation Processes in Higher Education (In2CoP) on 30-31 January and 1 February 2024.

Those interested in attending the event can register until 20 December, and those who also wish to participate in a co-creation project proposal can do so until 30 November. Links for both processes are available on the event’s website.

As Orlando Rodrigues, president of the organising university, explains, co-creating Innovation have long been integral to the mission of Bragança Polytechnic University and now, within the STARS EU environemt, they have “adopted a pedagogical approach that places significant emphasis on fostering inherent collaboration with external stakeholders from all regions of our nine european partners”.

Therefore, In2CoP aims to serve as a “crucial platform for reflection and the sharing of insights garnered from co-creation ecosystems”, designed to inspire and sustain the growth of a multidisciplinary and multicultural learning community. The final porgramme of this evento Will be published later this month.