STARS EU opens a call for a seed funding grant aimed to enhance joint researh and innovation activities

STARS EU has opened a call aimed to researchers of the nine allied universities, to provide seed funding to develop collaborative research and innovation projects. The complete guidelines can be download using this link, and also visiting the “Calls” section of the STARS EU website. This is a pilot call that starts in April 2024 and runs until March 2025, and afterwards it will be evaluated and improve for future editions.

This grant will provide financial support up to € 3,000 per partner involved in each project. So, if there are three partners, the grant will be 9,000 EUR. This funding can be used for several purposes related to the start-up of a project (hence the denomination “seed”), such as costs related to international meetings or writing sessions; or external consultancy services including writing proposals, proof reading or designing duties, among others.

STARS EU partners can submit a proposal for a seed grant related to researchers, early-stage researchers, innovators, PhD students and other profiles. The envisaged project must have a clear link with the STARS EU strategy and priority areas and must include, at least, three alliance partners. Each university will finance the expenses of its participants.

This is an open call, which means that there is not a closed date for receiving proposals, but in order to be eligible, the application must be submitted to at least three months before the deadline of submission of the envisaged Horizon Europe or FP10 call.

All projects will be evaluated by an assessment panel consisting of representatives of STARS EU Steering Committee, which will have in consideration the criteria expressed in the guidelines document to measure its relevance, clarity and feasibility.

This guidelines document also includes information regarding the main content of the application and the budget, and offers the possibility of reaching the STARS EU Funding Expert Group for support at