ENGAGED webinar and Commission meeting in Bragança, Portugal

The second webinar organized by the European ENGAGED University will take place on the 26th of January 2021. This webinar is able to be watched by everyone who is interested (students, teachers, etc.). During the webinar the ENGAGED challenge based module will be further explained and discussed and moreover how students are able to apply for this special EEU module. The Commission meeting that will be held on the same day will be attended by the EEU partners only.

​Second ENGAGED webinar 

Next week Tuesday January 26th (15:00-15:40 AM CET) there will be an online webinar to watch about the developments of the new European university the European ENGAGED University. This webinar will be streamed from Bragança, Portugal and will be viewable live on YouTube https://bit.ly/2N3mVte.

In particular, this webinar will discuss the ENGAGED challenge based module. This is a special module designed by the six partners of the European ENGAGED University. Students will be able to apply for this module in the near future. This webinar can therefore be very interesting for you as a student, but also as a teacher to see what the developments are of this new European ENGAGED University.


  • 15:00 Welcome
  • 15:05 What’s new at the European ENGAGED University
    • The ENGAGED challenge based module. What is it and how it will work?
    • The ENGAGED facilitators community, the challenges and the stakeholders
    • How to apply (students)?
  • 15:40 Q&A and closing words

ENGAGED Commission meeting

On this same day (January 26th, 2021), the Commission meeting will be held from 10:30-11:40 AM CET. This meeting will be attended by all six partner universities as well as several of their stakeholders. It will be the first time that stakeholders will join such a Commission meeting.