STARS EU Alliance runs a BIP in the face to face Innovation Week at Bragança

Some of the attendees at this new BIP challenge.

The Erasmus+ face to face week of Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) took place in Bragança (Portugal) from 23rd to 27th of January.

Students from the four STARS EU partners -Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB, Portugal), Hanze University of Applied Sciences (HUAS, The Netherlands), Silesian University in Opava (Czechia) and University of La Laguna (Spain)- had the face to face component of BIP – Challenge-Based Innovation course 2022/2023, together with other participants, as Universidad de Almería (Spain), Kaunas University of Technology and Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania), and Medical University Wroclaw (Poland).

The partners professors of IPB, HUAS, SU, and ULL enabled the students to develop their projects ideas, with workshops about interviews, storytelling concept and the perfect pitch. This on-site week was the last stage of a semester of work involving different institutions and external business partners.

Students had the opportunity to improve their ideas being challenged, which resulted in a week of creativity and problem-solving skills. The last day, all the groups presented their Final Pitch, were they reported all the outcomes from the entire semester, and could realize the high increase of knowledge curve in a few days.

The next edition BIP – Challenge Based Innovation group, the online component, will start in April of 2023, and the face to face week is booked to the last week of June of 2023 broadening the participation of professors and students to other STARS EU partners.