Dutch tulips will bloom at the Cracow University of Technology

In the photo, the employees of the CUT's Marketing Department plant tulip bulbs; in the spring, the flowers will form the STARS EU logo/ photo by Jan Zych
Employees of the CUT's Marketing Department plant tulip bulbs. Photo: Jan Zych.

On October 30, employees of the Marketing Department of the Cracow University of Technology planted tulip bulbs on the main campus of their institution. This gift from Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands will bloom in Spring with the colours of STARS EU.

Thios act comes few montts after the alliace was awarded with a grant in the Europea Universities call of the European Comission, with 12.4 million eurs of budget.

“We are opening a new chapter in international cooperation. The allocated funds will allow us to face the scientific and social challenges of the 21st century even more effectively. By cooperating with partners and learning from each other’s good practices, we will strengthen the quality of education and research at PK, not only on a regional or national scale, but also on a European scale” said Dariusz Bogdał, the University’s Vice-Rector for Science, and chief coordinator of STARS EU at Cracow University of Technology.