Second monthly seminar on TIG’s: Art and Creative Industries

Gunnar Peterson (University West) during the introduction of this online seminar.

The University West has held the second of the online seminars that STARS EU has organized, with a monthly periodicity, in order to showcase the objectives and first results within each of the Thematic Interest Groups (TIGs) which center the research activities of the alliance. This second seminar addressed the aims of the Arts and Creatives Industries, and you can see its recording following this link or directly in the embebed video below.

The seminar included a presentation by the Arts and Creative Industries TIG by the TIG leader Antonio Meireles (IPB). On the development so far, participants in the TIG but not least the planning for the future of the TIG.

This TIG has already developed a joint common ground for the participants in it and also a strategy for the development further. Not least was time a crucial discussion point at the seminar as a factor for creativity and possibility of development (in this TIG and in general).

The seminars are an important part in the joint ongoing development of the STARS EU alliance and to enlight the existing competence and research capacity already in place. But also to understand the connection between TIG’s and the possibilities that might have. And to find research solutions that yet not are being addressed.

The third TIG Seminar is scheduled on 7th February, about Energy Transition.